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Thursday 8 September 2011

Another short day.

Just another day on the road. The weather is definately changing because we had rain during the night and it is cooler. Mind you we are also still getting the sun during the day. We had only been cycling for about 38 miles when we entered a village called Benon. There we saw a sign for camping at the Chateau. It looked a nice place so we have pitched up here. The Chateau is now used as a school and the site is a municipal site and is first class. It is also the cheapest that we have had on the entire trip. We calculate that we are now only about 250 miles approx to the Cherbourg ferry port. We still have plenty of time in hand so we can afford to have these shorter days and breaks.

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Linda said...

The Chateau sounds really nice place.....Nice pic,looks like nice weather too there for you! I am just imagining cycling for 38 miles, wow..sounds great...cheers to you Trevor, stay safe, I enjoy your posts... Linda :)

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