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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Ferry Crossing

Today we had a Ferry trip across from Le Verdon to Royan. By taking the ferry we have saved ourselves the trip around the Bordeaux area- we have cycled it in the past and it can be a bit manic if you are on a bike. As we crossed the estuary we seemed to be leaving the clear blue skys behind and moving under more cloudy skys. Tonight we are in Pont l' abbe-D'arnoult about 80 miles from last nights stop. We have had some wind and rain which moved in overnight but we have been lucky so far during the day. The change in temperatures over night is now very noticeable. Gone are the hot days and nights of Spain and Southern France. The weather now is a bit like May or June in the UK. I have managed to come up with a nut and bolt in my portable bits collection to secure John's pannier rack properly so with a bit of luck that problem should be sorted. Planning on a bit of a shorter day tomorrow- somewhere in the region of 50 miles- it all depends on the weather now. Thinking about it the weather in one form or another has been a major factor throughout this road trip.

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ian_rm27 said...

Gutsy effort,PT,very gutsy.Thanks for taking us on the ride.



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