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Monday 12 September 2011

Wet and Wetter

Yes the weather is not very good at all. Today we crossed the Loire which was another landmark on our route. We have reduced our mileage to about 50 miles a day because not only do we have rain but we have winds as well. After about 20 miles on todays route we saw a little cafe and thought that it would be a nice place to stop for a coffee- next thing we were both tucking into a steak and chips each. After we crossed the river it seemed to be uphill out of the Loire valley all the way to Chateaubriant which is where we now are. The picture was taken on the outskirts of the town and hopefully shows some of the wet weather we are having. A special mention for Jonathon who works at Inter Sport here in Chateaubriant . He is an ex cycling pro who two years ago replaced broken spokes on Johns rear wheel and on this trip he has re greased a dry pedal bearing for John. Looking at the weather forecast we could have an improvement about the middle of the week. John has a bar bag that he has now declared useless as the zipps on it have proved not water tight and everything in it got soaked and yes everything was wrapped in seperate plastic bags.

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Jim said...

Cold, wet and damp! Not much fun cycling in weather like that! Hope you have some goretex or similar outer clothing. Fenders?

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