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Thursday 15 September 2011

The Scenic Route.

Today we took the Scenic Route. We just programmed the Garmin for a Scenic cycle route and let it do its magic. We had a late start today- we didnt leave the site at Genets till about 11.00hrs. Just as we were leaving about 60 schoolchildren arrived complete with their pop- up tents and sleeping bags. Good timing on our part I would say- a campsite full of schoolchildren comes just under hell in my book. As we have so much time in hand we have decided to take the last few miles slowly and try and enjoy the scenery in this part of France. Tonight we our at a farm site at Agon Coutainville. This is near the coast and is about level with COUTANCES. We plan on another easy day again tomorrow. Somewhere in the region of 50 easy miles will put us within half a day from Cherbourg. Although I use the word Easy - make no mistake - some of the hills that we have climbed over the past three days have had a steeper gradient than anything in Spain or the Pyrenees. I have had the Garmin show gradients as steep as 22%. With four panniers fully loaded on each bike that is a real challenge. I am proud to report that neither of us has been beaten by any gradient so far- thats because our legs are like steam driven pistons- well that is what we tell ourselves as we grind up each step hill. The weather ya good today as you can see in th picture which was taken about 2 miles from tonights camp site.

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