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Saturday 10 September 2011

A Big Mistake!

Everyone had told us that today the weather would be Ok. Well they were wrong. We had rain from the early hours. At 08.00hrs it was still raining. Still everyone kept telling us that it would clear. We broke camp and finally set off at 11.30hrs. This was a Big Mistake! Today proved to be the wettest and most windy day of the trip so far. It did NOT STOP raining all day. We only managed 50 miles and we are now at a site in Pouzauge. No pictures taken on the road because it was just too wet. First thing we did on arrival at the site was a good hot shower- so, a picture of John entering the shower.


Tracy W said...

ugh! Some days you get the ugliness like that. Hopefully that's the last one you'll get this trip.

And...thanks for showing John entering the shower fully clothed!

Take care and be careful....

Anonymous said...

Tell John to put his clothes in a washing machine in future!

Happy biking.

Mike C

MrDaveyGie said...

50 miles in wet and windy, epic. Good job.

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