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Saturday 3 September 2011

Viva le France.

At last - we are in France. It seems a lifetime on the road but we are here. The route up the western edge of the Pyrenees was not as hard as the route up to Ronda on day one. Today even had some respite in the gradients and that plus the very slightly cooler weather made for a better day. We have at last got some nice green grass on which to pitch our tents. The site in Ondres is really nice. It is just up the road from Biarritz and has a bit of class about it- mind you after some of the building sites being passed off as campsites that we had to stay on in Spain anything is an improvement. John and I are so tired even after our rest day in Pamplona that we are going to award ourselves another day off tomorrow. John is finding his nights quite tough as since his thermarest exploded he is effectively sleeping on the ground and he always seems to find the lumpy bits of ground to pitch his tent. We obviously have various tales to tell about this trip that I have not mentioned yet, but dont worry all will be told on our trip review that will be posted throughout October. Various items of kit have failed such as Johns mattress - other items have been a real success and I know that some of you always like to read the kit reviews. The bikes - other than minor things- have been fine. The picture shows John taking a rest on today's ascent. Again we have lots more photos which will be posted on this Blog next month after our return to the UK.

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