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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Short day's riding - 48 miles.

Yes today was a 48 mile day. We have now arrived in Lacanau which seems to be a village on a crossroads. Not a lot here- but it does have a campsite and a cake shop. What more does one need. The weather still good but it is now getting colder at night. John is starting to suffer at night with the colder nights and is finding out that you should not purchase a cheap supermarket special bag. One of the first things he intends to buy when he gets back to the UK is a decent bag. John has also been having problems with one of his pannier rack securing bolts. It keeps working loose. I don't think that it will fall out but we are keeping our eye on it. We realise that as we make our way north the weather will start to become more unsettled and that will feel odd after all the intense heat we had as we crossed Spain. Gibraltar is over 1075 miles behind us now. Tomorrow we will just push on and we hope to cross from Le Verdon to Royan on the ferry. We will just see where we get to. . . The best way to cycle not having a fixed daily destination- where ever we decide to stop will be our destination.

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limom said...

John has a "who's idea was this?" look about him.

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