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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Sunny and Hilly and Colder.

Last night was a very cold night and today turned out to be a sunny one. However there has to be a fly in every tin of ointment and todays fly was hills. As far as hills ( rather than mountains) are concerned today was a reasonably hilly day. John described it as f':!.,@?..g torture. Problem is I love hills and John hates them so we had a mixed day dependent on your viewpoint. John told me that he had nothing left in the tank at the end of the day. We are now at Genets. We are staying at the campsite that i stayed at with Peter, Mike and Chris earlier this year. The village has a really unusual bistro. I have been getting a lot of pain from my left collarbone where I broke it in my cycling accident two years ago. Obviously something that I need to get checked out on my return to the UK. It feels like we are on home turf almost as most of the way back now is the route I did a few months ago but in the other direction. Can't believe that we have almost done this. Oh, by the way I met a nice couple from Barnstable in North Devon last night and we chatted about the rock2uk ride. This morning the lady told me that chatting last night had really inspired her husband to plan something similar. I certainly hope it has inspired him to do something. Anyway he is going to check out this Blog and hopefully he will get in touch at some point via the comments.

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