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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Weather Improving - Hopefully.

Last night it rained all night long. It was still raining first thing this morning. It then turned to showers and three times I wiped my tent over trying to remove as much surplus water as possible in an attempt to pack the tent reasonably dry. In the end it was packed wet. We set off under black clouds but by midday it seemed to make a big improvement and the sun actually came out. Now we are more into the north of the country we have noticed it is both colder and hillier. We are now at Fougeres having completed 61 miles of very very hilly terrain. Everywhere we have been there are road maintenance crews out working on the roads- they seem to be doing it properly as well- no patching up like they do back home. Today we came across a stretch of road about 4kms long that was barred to traffic due to re-surfacing. We ignored the signs and the workmen allowed us to carry on through. Good job really because I have no idea which route we would have taken if they had told us to turn around. John is Ok but he did have a minor accident this evening. Not on his bike but in the showers. Apparently when he turned the shower on it was scalding hot- he leaned forwards to turn the tap to cold and slipped smashing his face on the protruding taps. When I saw him shortly afterwards he was bleeding profusely from a split lip. One side effect is that he is not talking as much as he was !


Tracy W said...

Wow! You've had quite a run of wet weather. Here's hoping you run into some of our drought!

John Romeo Alpha said...

AH, cold and wet at least means you must be nearing the home country!

J_on_tour said...

John seems to be going through the wars with firstly his equipment & now it's getting personal !

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