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Monday 5 September 2011

Arrived at Arcachon

Although we had planned a short day today we ended up doing full 91 miles. The slightly cooler weather was a joy to cycle in. Added to that were the superb cycle tracks that we were able to use for the second half of todays ride. ( See photo) . Needless to say we are pretty much tired out so it WILL be a much shorter day tomorrow. This part of France is great with the Atlantic coast on our left and the smell of pine trees hanging heavy in the air. Unlike Spain there are campsites everywhere and they are much better than the 'building sites' that we have had to camp in when we crossed Spain. There are now clouds in the sky and rain is forecast. We will now turn in for an early night.


pilgrim said...

Sounds like all in all things are still going pretty smooth for the two of you. Enjoy France - hope the weather hold up!

Anonymous said...

It puts our pathetic attempts at creating useable cycle paths to shame!
Glad it is getting easier,
Scott and Verity

John Romeo Alpha said...

The path running along the water looks amazing. 40+ miles on something similar to that with a nice campsite sounds close to perfect.

Worthing Wanderer said...

I am really enjoying following your progress on your epic trip. I wish I had the ime to do the same!

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