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Sunday 11 September 2011

Eifel Tower. . . seen outside of Paris.

Today started dull and we thought that we were going to get more rain. Again we delayed setting off by about an hour. When we did set out the sun actually came out. It turned out to be quite hot on the road. Along the route we even saw the Eifel tower shown in the photo above. A few miles before this we saw a sign telling us that we were close to Las Vegas and that if we wanted we could gamble all our euros away playing blackjack or roulette. Mid afternoon we stopped at a cafe for a couple of lemonades and the young girl that served us told us that there was a campsite at a place called Chemile about 10kms away. She even phoned ahead to ensure that they were open and had space for us. So that is where we are tonight. Not a big mileage day at about 50 miles. Our average daily calorie burn for the trip is 4000 kcal. We do have problems trying to eat enough calories to replace those burned. As soon as I see another cake shop I will do my bit to redress the balance.


limom said...

Guilt free indulgence.
Gotta love it.

GreenComotion said...

Nice find - Eifel outside of Paris!
Happy Cycling!
Peace :)

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