Friday, 26 June 2009

One week ago

It is now one week ago today since my accident. Most of this past week I have spent sleeping which I am led to believe is a result of the cocktail of drugs that I am taking each day. The broken collarbone and ribs are painful but the painkillers do seem to be keeping it all under control. Most of the 'road rash' that I picked up whilst sliding along the road is now turning to scab and it is only my left arm that continues to be an open wound. this wound keeps weeping badly and requires regular changes of the dressing. I was very lucky. I know this because the Doctors told me that if I had not been wearing my helmet and it had been my bare skull that had absorbed the impact it would probably have killed me. I know a lot of people don't wear a helmet because thay say that if hit by a car or lorry it is not going to protect you. I agree that a helmet won't protect you against a car impact but if following that impact your head meets the road/curb/pavement it will offer some protection for your head and in so doing restrict the range of injuries that you end up suffering with. Make no mistake I was lucky-look at the pictures of my helmet-that could have been my skull As it was even with the helmet on I was knocked out stone cold. Whatever reasons people give for not wearing a helmet THEY ARE WRONG. I am glad that I was wearing mine. I have already bought it's replacement.
Over the following weeks of my recovery I will be posting additional pictures etc of our ACCR and also reveal some of the secrets that the other team members would prefer me not to disclose.


Anonymous said...

One Lucky fella mate, Helmets are a god send I will endevour to come and see you soon.

Take Care


Alan Sloman said...

Wow - that was a shock.

That helmet looks totally mangled - This story should be sent to every school in the land so that kids 'get it'.

Good luck with the recovery - I hope everything knits back together properly.

baz carter said...

I was walking with Brian and Jill at the weekend and she'd taken a fall from her bike - she wasnt wearing a helmet and I said, FOOL. I told her about your crash and promised to send her the link... when you next see them reiterate the importance of wearing one (as If I need to tell you.)

Hope to see you knitted together an on a meet soon.