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Saturday 13 June 2009


Short posting tonight as we are all exhausted. Today it hit the high nineties. Jason and i managed 75mls and John did 65mls. John was offered a lift to the next meeting place with Dave by an English couple as they thought that he looked so tired They even invited him into their house and gave him a cold drink. We passed through Cognac today and are now camped at a place about 20mls south of there. Its called Barbezieux St Hilaire. Today was about as close to self inflicted torture as you can get and i would like to remind everyone that Jason and I are not members of the brotherhood but are putting ourselves through this for their charity. I must say that at the moment i am surprised that more brothers have not supported us! After all we could have done this for a more inclusive charity but we are not we are doing this for your charity. So if you are one of the fraternity sitting on your wallet give it an airing and donate to YOUR charity. I know times are hard but then so is this- bloody hard!!

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Anonymous said...

In relation to the brotherhood charity, I agree mate. I believe you would have had more giving if you had gone for another charity...
I'll put in for you and Jason but personally I do not agree with the choice. Keep up the great efforts though

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