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Tuesday 2 June 2009

ACCR-Almost Ready.

The bike has been serviced and the brakes uprated. Tents- sleeping bag- general kit nearly all packed. I think John Dave and Jason are almost ready too. Tomorrow I have kept free for last minute jobs and things that I might have overlooked. On Thursday the 'Broom Wagon' will be loaded up with the bikes and the rest of the kit in order that we can get an early and trouble free start at Poole ferry port on Friday morning.
The worst thing now is the wait for the start of our ACCR adventure. I will now be glad when we are on our way. All the training is done and if it wasn't enough we will soon find out. I felt the same before we started our LEJOG last September. It doesn't seem possible but it is only about eight and a half months since the team completed that trip. Mixed emotions at the moment-on the one hand a feeling of excitement and anticipation and on the other, feelings of apprehension and nervousness wondering as always whether we have taken on more than we can deal with.
All we have to do is remember the teams motto 'No hill to high,no distance to far'.
Oh well whatever happens it will be an experience and that's what it's all about.....!

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