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Sunday 14 June 2009


After the heat of yesterday we had a thunderstorm during the night which cleared the air a bit. I never heard the storm as i slept right through it. The day was cooler and slightly overcast and finished with rain just as we arrived at tonights camp site about 2mls from the village of St Emilion. We allowed ourselves a shorter day cycling just 57mls. During the first 39mls Jason and I dropped John on the hills which to be fair were long and tortuous. We stopped at a hotel bar for a coffee where Dave joined us and todays picture shows Dave talking John in and giving him instructions from the map whilst Jason enjoys the rest. John joined us at the car and had a coffee also but as we had gained 45mins on John we set off again and then waited for him at Libourne. When John arrived at the site i noticed that his back wheel was wobbling badly and upon checking we saw that he has broken another spoke. He must have hit a rough section of road hard and not had time to take the weight off of his saddle. Tomorrow our day will start with a trip to a bike shop for another repair.

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