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Tuesday 16 June 2009


A big day for us today. It started badly with us taking the wrong road and doing 10miles and still being only a couple of miles from where we started. We found ourselves on a very busy dual carriageway with lots of heavy lorries thundering past. We got on to the right road eventually but not until we had wasted an hour. In the end todays riding was the best of the trip so far. First we were travelling through the wine region and then that was followed by mile upon mile of forestry and some of the most remote and straightest roads i have ever cycled on. We ended up doing 100mls at an average speed of 16mph. John ended up doing 108mls due to him taking a wrong turn and he managed an average of 14.3mph. We are staying at a site near the village of Matzos some 50miles from the Spanish border. Tomorrow we travel down to Biarritz and through into Spain. The weather today was good for cycling -warm with clouds and a slight breeze.

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