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Thursday 18 June 2009


Today was a longer day than we had expected. We thought that it might be about 50 miles but it turned out to be 75mls.The day was also hot very hot. The road surface was also variable.The first 37mls was flat or thereabouts. After that it became more and more hilly as we approached the foothills of the Pyrenees. The final climb was very long and very very tough but the payoff was fantastic- a 40 plus mph descent sweeping down the winding road off the hill side and into Spain. A total buzz- a real high- one of the longest descents I have ever done. We were joined on this descent by one of the local club cyclists. Our speed was matching his all the way into Spain where he waved and set off in a different direction. The whole experience makes me want to bring my race bike out here and spend a week just doing the mountain passes. Total cycling magic ! !. ! The picture shows Jason in contact on the phone to Dave as he was trying to talk us around the Biarritz ring road which was a nightmare. Having reached Spain we thought that we would give ourselves a reward- a night in a hotel and that is where we are about half way to Santander. Tomorrow we are going to The ferry and our 24hrs return sailing back to the good old UK. I will post again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work guys. Been keeping tabs via the blog and its painful for us sitting here reading some of your exploits let alone doing the ride. Take care. Ron

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