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Tuesday 9 June 2009


Some heavy discussion first thing this morning about the weather which had been torrential rain for most of the night - do we wait for better weather or push on- final decision was to push on and if the rain was too bad we would stop and look for a camp site. As it turned out Jason and i did half of todays ride in heavy rain. Totally soaked to the skin we arrived at Chateau Briant where Dave had booked us into the municipal site. The sun came out and it was hot enough to dry out most of our wet clothes while we checked our bikes over (see photo). John managed to complete 39 miles today which was good considering his recent injury. However in doing so he suffered a broken spoke but we managed to get it repaired in the town for only 2e. We ate a meal al fresco this evening before turning in for a well earned nights sleep. Oh and before i forget Dave had to buy a new tent yesterday because his was leaking badly.

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