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Wednesday 10 June 2009


After 20 or more years it died! The Saunders Galaxy tent that i loaned John for the trip gave up the ghost during last nights torrential rain. John woke up floating on his thermarest thinking he was on a boating trip along the Loire. There we all were waiting for Inter sport to open so John could buy a new tent. This is the second tent we have had to replace on this trip. It has to be said that the weather is atrocious. Its more like March than June. This is proving to be a real set back for the team. We decided today to stay put for 24hrs as we cannot face getting soaked to the skin on the bikes for yet another day. We realise we are losing valuable time but that is the way it has to be. Everyone we speak to is telling us that the weather is due to improve from tomorrow onwards. We are now banking on that!

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