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Sunday 7 June 2009


A tough day. Jason and i battled against some of the strongest winds we have ever cycled in. Add to that torrential rain for a lot of the day plus some very long and enormous hills and we ended up totally wasted. When we arrived at Fougeres Jason found that he of had a broken spoke. We passed a bike shop on entering the town but it does not open till Tuesday. We are camped at the local municipal site and very nice it is.Great facilities quiet and only 4.50e. Tonight we all had a really good meal and Jason tried snails having never eaten then before. They were good though! As for tomorrow we have some various plans but no decision will be made till then. Jasons wheel is buckled so he cannot ride with that and the broken spoke. It maybe that we end up making tomorrow a rest day. I will keep you all informed. John has spent the day in the broom wagon with Dave and is still limping badly.

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Nigel said...

Tell John he probably had the Lycra shorts too tight and stopped the blood circulation to his legs!

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